Sexual & Reproductive Health Education Partnerships

The Section models a novel approach to sexual and reproductive health education.

Ours is grounded in principles of equality, gender equity, agency, and respect. We aim to help young people develop critical thinking skills and practice positive decision-making in relationships throughout their lifetimes. 


Through our research, curricula, and partnerships, we consider how the family and other kinships affect social norms and behaviors from conception to adulthood. We identify the multiple systems and groups that influence individuals such as peers, families, communities, the media, and policies. We also examine how institutions such as schools, the criminal justice system, and the health care system, affect sexual and reproductive health outcomes.

Through these overarching constructs, our partners focus on health from childhood to adolescence; pregnancy decision-making and prepared, safe parenthood; and continued healthy sexuality into adulthood. This work primarily focuses on how new digital media--games, the internet, cellphones, and online videos-- may be used as a tool to promote sexual and reproductive health.