• Community Engagement

    Through our education program and research labs, we help individuals and communities define and work toward sexual health and wellbeing.


Through our education program and parternships, we help individuals and communities achieve sexual and reproductive health. Our work takes a life-course approach, considering health and well-being from childhood to adulthood. We design and implement educational programs and are committed to educating the next generation of clinician researchers to continue this important work.

Fellowship in Family Planning

We are proud to be one of the 21 university sites around the country to offer the prestigious Fellowship in Family Planning – a two-year post-residency training program to advance family planning knowledge through evidence-based medicine. Read more >>

Clinical Training

The Section is dedicated to enhancing family planning training for residents, medical students, and medical assistants through the University of Chicago’s Ryan Center, founded in 2006. Read more >>


Our innovative partnerships work in sexuality education and focus on health from childhood to adolescence; pregnancy decision-making and prepared, safe parenthood; and continued healthy sexuality.

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