Publication Highlights

June 2015
Coverage of Contraception and Abortion in Illinois' Qualified Health Plans
A new report provides a review of contraception and abortion coverage among health insurance plans offered on Illinois' health insurance marketplace.
November 2013
Deciding to Talk to a Parent about Abortion: The Experiences of Minors Before Illinois Required Parental Notice [PDF] This research brief highlights initial findings from a study of young women seeking abortion in Illinois prior to enforcement of a parental notification law. Minors were asked whether they involved parents in their abortion decision and described motivations for wanting to include or exclude a parent.
July 2013
Over-the-Counter Emergency Contraception: Improved Access for All Ages but Barriers Remain [PDF]
This brief describes the recent FDA approval of over-the-counter access to emergency contraception for all women and explores the obstacles that remain in the form of cost and religious refusal.

June 2013
Understanding Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) [PDF]
A new fact sheet describes how deceptive practices of CPCs can limit women's access to complete and accurate medical information, thereby undermining women's access to reproductive health care.
April 2013
Policy and Politics of Reproductive Health: Publications from our Conference
In collaboration with the Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, we are pleased to announce the advance publication of several articles from presenters at our 2011 conference on health care reform and reproductive justice. Articles by Harold Pollack, Adam Sonfield, Debra Stulberg, Amy Dworsky, Kym Ahrens, and Amanda Dennis can be found here.

January 2013
School-based Health Centers & Reproductive Health Care
This brief [PDF] summarizes recent research examining the role of school-based health centers (SBHCs) in improving access to reproductive health care for adolescents and identifies areas where more research is still needed. The passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010 established new funding to support the expansion of SBHCs throughout the country.
July 2012
Minors Express Mainly Negative Opinions about Parental Notification Laws
In a study published in Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, the majority of abortion-seeking minors interviewed believed that a parental notification law would diminish minors' reproductive autonomy and potentially expose them to unwanted pressure or interference in their abortion decision. At the same time, many felt that voluntarily involvment of a trusted adult could benefit minors.


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August 2014

Illinois Contraceptive Equity Summit

The Section and EverThrive Illinois (Formerly Illinois Maternal & Child Health Coalition) co-sponsored the Illinois Contraceptive Equity Summit on August 20, 2014. The summit was organized to address challenges to contraceptive access so that all Illinois women and their families can make decisions about reproductive health free from coercion and discrimination. A panel of experts discussed issues affecting access to family planning health services. Visit our Conferences webpage to read a summary of the panels and see video of the event.

January 2013

Sexual and Reproductive Health & Justice Blog
In honor of the 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, view a recent post highlighting 2012 policy trends and related research on our Reproductive Health & Justice Research blog.

December 2012

Abortion Access Roundtable
The Section successfully held a roundtable and workshop on access to abortion care in Chicago, with support from the Urban Initiative of the National Institute for Reproductive Health. More than 50 participants working in fields connected to reproductive health, rights, justice, and well-being joined the discussion to increase our understanding of current barriers to abortion in the Chicago area, suggest areas for further research, and identify opportunities to improve access. Several key proposals to improve abortion access emerged over the course of that day. One such proposal was the development of a guide for health and social service providers to help navigate clinical, legal and financial barriers to abortion access in Illinois.

May 2012
Successful Conference on Adolescent Reproductive Health
Thanks to all who joined us for our conference on May 10! Our wonderful panels of speakers examined current adolescent reproductive health disparities, innovative approaches to overcoming barriers to care (e.g., HPV shots in schools, text messaging and promotional campaigns for long-acting contraception), and new efforts to involve and empower youth in their own care (using digital media game design, youtube videos and teen ambassadors who educate providers). Visit our webpage to see info and photos!

January 2012
New Reproductive Health & Justice Research Blog
Visit our new resource which highlights recent research findings in the field of reproductive health and justice.

October 2011
Read our recent article on RH Reality Check
The article discusses our study showing that in addition to affordable birth control, teen moms need support from providers, family, and friends when choosing an IUD as their contraceptive method.